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We stock ‘car care’ products and motoring requisites. We are not a ‘convenience store’. We leave groceries to supermarkets and wish they left fuel to us!


About Us

The grandfather of the present Company Secretary founded the Company in 1921. The Company moved to its current location, in leafy Hither Green in South East London on the outskirts of Kent, in 1922. The Company is still entirely owned and operated by the family and that is who you will meet when you visit our site.

Customer Service

  • Our attendant serves you. So you DON’T handle messy pumps.
  • Our attendant comes to you. So you DON’T get out in the rain.
  • Give our attendant cash or Go direct to our EPOS. So you DON’T wait behind a ‘basket of groceries’ to pay.
  • We have time for our clients. So you DON’T feel hassled.
  • Children? An attendant will oversee them. So you DON’T leave them in the car unattended!
  • We give speedy service. So you DON’T waste time waiting elsewhere.
  • There is easy clear access to our forecourt. So you DON’T manoeuvre past parked vehicles to the pumps.


  • We sell 4 Star leaded petrol! The type of fuel your classic was designed to use.
  • The Company strives to sustain a positive impact on the environment.
  • Our ‘Unleaded’ and ‘Diesel’ complies with latest UK ‘Bio’ specifications. BUT! our leaded 4 star has an anti ethanol additive to prevent 'bio' damage to some classic vehicle parts.


  • We actively support Guide Dogs for the Blind.
a picture of classic bmw
288,000 P/A
Litres sold
Happy Clients
Premium Customers
Clever Workers


Our leaded 4star has an anti ethanol additive to prevent 'bio' damage to some classic vehicle parts
Well maintained Classic vehicles using 4-star leaded rather than ‘unleaded’ petrol utilize fuel more efficiently, producing less harmful emissions.